CowperTrucks realise that a quality off-road truck starts with the best parts, particularly the frame. The frame is where it all happens. A good frame allows the rest of the parts to work correctly.

A frame needs to be as robust as it is pleasing to the eye. It must give the driver a feeling of security, with a low seating position and good visibility. CowperTruck frames are a state of the art tubular frame that lends itself to readily available drive train set ups, making these frames a good cost effective option.

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We offer complete turn-key builds so all you need to do is get in and drive it away. Please note that all vehicles are built to current NZFWDA Rules and Regulations (unless stated otherwise).
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Tubular Frames
Body Kit
Wheel Brake Kit


Adaption Kits
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Fox Air Shocks

Steering Ram
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Alloy Tanks
ARB Airlockers
Maxxis Tyres