4×4 Trials DriverTraining

There is only so much your vehicle can do for you when it comes to 4WD trialling. Your truck will do approximately 50% of the job, the driver and co-driver must do the rest. Many people overlook this fact and presume that once they have the vehicle everything else will fall into place.

We have 80 acres of rolling hill country at our disposal, providing the ideal training ground for the many 4×4 trucks we build. And who better to train you than the person who built and tested your truck?

You’ll also learn co-driver skills since manoeuvring these vehicles through competition hazards is definitely a two-man job. A team needs to learn how to work together if they are going to be successful in this sport.

Safety is paramount and all precautions are made to ensure your drive is safe yet exhilarating. These sessions are open to everyone, including those just looking for a fun day out and want to get taken for a skid with Dan in one of his trucks.

Book a session in either your own 4×4 or one of Dan’s competition vehicles. You never know, you may well leave with one!